Licenced Instructor for Class 5

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“Building New and Improved Drivers”

We offer driver training lessons for Class 5 licensing in Steinbach, and the surrounding area. We provide a FRIENDLY and RELAXED learning environment. It seems that some driving instructors are impatient and not very friendly when they provide instruction and sometimes intimidate novice drivers during the lessons. I certainly am not that kind of instructor. My students enjoy the lessons because I make them fun and allow for lots of questions to be sure that my instructions are being clearly understood.

Are you looking for a reliable and friendly driving school? Read THE INSTRUCTOR section and learn about AUTO CITY DRIVER TRAINING. We look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to book an appointment. CONTACT US and we will be pleased to help you begin or improve your driving career.

Just a testimonial here I failed my driver’s test at 16 and was so disappointed that I didn’t try again till I was 22 and before I tried I got a few refresher driving classes with Landis as well as one just before my test. Landis is very calm and doesn’t make you feel like you should be nervous or like he’s going to be rude to you, he’s very motivating and positive! I passed my test and am happy to say have had my drivers now for a little over a year and I love the freedom I have now experienced with being able to get out with my kids. Thanks Landis you are a fantastic instructor!
Jasmine Harder, Steinbach