Licenced Instructor for Class 5

The Instructor

My name is Landis Dirks, and I am a certified driver trainer in the province of Manitoba. I have a Class 3 and 6 driver’s license and 47 years of driving experience. In addition, I have 11 years experience teaching driver’s education to high school students with the MPI / School program, and also providing adult students with Class 5 vehicle training.

If you are just beginning your driving career or have been driving for years, consider Auto City Driver Training. I enjoy seeing my students succeed and become confident and improved drivers. This is done by “BEGINNER” and “REFRESHER” lessons just before the big road test day.
Also, I like to offer “UPDATE” lessons to veteran drivers. It’s surprising how many “bad” habits appear over the years. These habits can be corrected with several lessons and make you a better and safer driver. Also, people moving to Manitoba from other regions and countries may not know all the Manitoba rules of the road and “UPDATE” lessons are excellent to become safe and confident for the re-test day. The “SUPER ROAD TEST LESSON” includes a “REFRESHER” Lesson, pre-test instructions and use of training vehicle for the actual road test.

I live in the city of Steinbach, but gladly offer private instruction to students in the immediate Steinbach area. Check the LESSONS page for more information.

My training vehicle is a 2013 (non-smoking) Ford Explorer. It is easy to handle and has excellent vision for the driver. It is required to have a current yearly safety and I keep it in ”perfect” condition with regular maintenance. For additional safety during instruction, the vehicle also comes equipped with an instructor brake, and an instructor rear-view mirror.