Licenced Instructor for Class 5


Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone learns at their own pace according to their experience and abilities. It is difficult to predict the number of lessons a person may need before they are ready for the road test. We offer students the choice of a single lesson, or a special rate on three or more lessons.

A single 1 hour lesson costs $60.00. Save money when you sign up for three lessons – A Super Road Test Lesson is also offered.

The driving instructor will assess your level of driving experience and then adjust the lessons to accommodate your needs.
If you are a beginner driver, you will most likely first work on steering methods, how to properly approach a stop sign, stopping positions and how to do basic left and right turns and of course always watch for blind spots.
Next lessons would include driving in traffic, turns at intersections, lane changes, shoulder checking before lane changes and any turns.
Future lessons would include backing practice, parallel parking and three point turns. Also things like commentary driving, and longer highway drives would be included.

The simulated road test is a practice road test designed to test the same driving skill sets that would be tested during your road test. Taking the simulated road test will give you a good idea of how you may score on the actual road test and the results will alert the student and instructor of areas that need to be worked on.

Yes. There is an extra charge of $20.00 for lessons conducted outside of Steinbach (up to 40 km).

Yes. You must have your permit before you can schedule your first lesson.

Yes. However, you must take at least one lesson with Auto City Driver Training before you can use the car for a road test.

At Auto City Driver Training. safety is our first goal! We teach that safety on the road is the most important rule in driving. Also, students come to realize that obtaining their drivers license is a privilege, not a right or something to take lightly. We teach our students to drive with focus and to always be aware of their surroundings and other road users. We go beyond just the basics of driving, allowing time for instructions to be clearly understood and making sure to keep the lessons relaxed and fun.

To obtain your first driver’s licence, you must be 16 years old, or 15 years and 6 months if enrolled in the High School Driver Education program. If you are not in Driver Education, see your local Autopac agent for more information. (link to MPI site for High School program info and licensing requirements).

Under Manitoba’s Graduated Driver Licensing program, you will be given a Learner’s Permit after you pass the knowledge test, for a minimum of nine months. This is followed by an Intermediate licence, issued for a minimum of 15 months, and after that comes a Full licence.

Appointments may be booked up to 60 days in advance of your road test eligibility date (a minimum of nine months after obtaining your Class 5 Learner’s Licence). You will not be able to take the road test before your eligibility date.

Students must pass the Class 5 Learner’s Licence Written Test and validate their Learner’s Licence before they can begin in-car training.